Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects our ability to work, play, and enjoy social situations. At Denver Hearing Specialists we understand the negative effects hearing loss has on all areas of life.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Most hearing losses occur so gradually that people may not be aware of what they are missing. Recognizing a hearing loss in yourself or someone you know is the first step towards improving the situation.

If you:

  • can hear people but have trouble understanding
  • ask people to repeat what they said
  • think people seem to mumble when they speak
  • have difficulty hearing on the telephone
  • have difficulty hearing in noisy environments (restaurants, grocery stores,
    church, concert hall, etc.)
  • have to strain to understand a conversation
  • have a ringing, buzzing, or humming sound in your ears
  • answer questions inappropriately because you did not hear correctly

You should contact Denver Hearing Specialists for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Taking the Next Step to Better Hearing

Comprehensive hearing evaluations at Denver Hearing Specialists include a physical examination of the ears, tests to evaluate ear health, and tests to determine hearing levels and speech understanding. 

We also have a new clinical test that evaluates your ability to hear speech in noisy environments.

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