Hearing Aid Selection

At Denver Hearing Specialists we review all your options and give you the hearing aids that will best fit your hearing loss needs, lifestyle and budget.

There is a barrage of information related to hearing aids on the market today.  Our Doctors of Audiology will help you sort out the advantages and disadvantages of different hearing aid styles and technologies.  In addition, it is important to understand that hearing aids that are appropriate for a friend or family member may not be appropriate for you and your needs.  We select appropriate hearing aids depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle needs, your daily communication demands, and anatomy of your ear.  Working with all of the major hearing aid manufacturers provides us with many choices to find the most appropriate hearing aids for your hearing loss and budget needs. Our Doctors of Audiology are the best and most reliable resource for choosing your hearing aids.


Clear, Mind, Passion, Flash, Real, Bravissimo


Agil,  Intiga, Acto, Chili, Ino, Get, Safari, Amigo


Quantum, Moxi, Passport, Latitude, Shine, 360, Tandem


X series, Xino, S Series, IQ, S Series 5, Zon, Destiny, Halo, 3 Series, Xino Mini RIC, Xino Tinnitus RIC, Wi Series, Ignite

GN Resound

Alera TS, Alera, Live, Dot 2, Essence, Sparx, X-plore, Ziga

Sonic Innovations

Natura 2SE, Altair, Tribute, Natura 3, Innova, Applause, ion, Natura Pro, ion + (std. earhook), Balance, microBalance Open, ion 200, Natura Pro Open, ion 400, Velocity Mini BTE, Velocity, Velocity 4, Velocity 24, Velocity 12, Velocity 6, Touch 24, 12, 6, Endura 12, Endura 6, Groove, Varicom 5, Varicom 9


Audeo IX, Audeo V, Audeo III, Audeo Mini IX, Audeo Mini V, Audeo Mini III, Audeo Smart IX, Audeo Smart V, Audeo Smart III, Audeo Yes IX, Audeo Yes V, Audeo Yes III, Micro Power IX 300, Micro Power V 300, Micro Power III 300, micro Savia Art CRT, Audeo S Smart IX, Audeo S Smart V, Audeo S Smart III, Audeo S Mini IX, Audeo S Mini V, Audeo S Mini III, Audeo S Yes IX, Audeo S Yes V, Audeo S Yes III, Audieo Q, Naida S CRT IX, Naida S CRT V, Naida S CRT III, Certena/Art micro, Certena/Art M , Certena/Art P, Certena/Art SP, Eleva 211 dAZ, Eleva 311 dAZ, Eleva 411 dAZ, Exelia/Art micro, Exelia/Art M , Exelia/Art P, Exelia/Art SP, Extra 211 AZ, Extra 311 AZ, Extra 411 AZ, Milo Plus micro, Milo Plus SP, milo Plus UP, Naida III SP, Naida III UP, Naida V SP, Naida V UP, Naida IX SP, Naida IX UP, Nios micro III, Nios micro V, Savia Art 211 dAZ, Savia Art 311 dAZ, Savia Art 411 dAZ, Una M AZ, Una M , Una SP AZ, Una SP, Versata/Art micro, Versata/Art M, Versata/Art P, Versata/Art SP, Ambra petite, Ambra micro M, Ambra M H20, Ambra micro P, Ambra SP, Solana petite, Solana M H20, Solana micro P, Solana SP, Cassia petite, Cassia micro M, Cassia M H20, Cassia micro P, Cassia SP, Naida S IX, Naida S V, Naida S III, Audeo Zip IX, Audeo Zip V, Audeo Zip III, Certena/Art CIC (P), Certena/Art ITC/HS dAZ (P), Certena/Art FS dAZ (P), Eleva 11 CIC/MC, Eleva 22 ITC/HS, Eleva 33 FS (P), Exelia/Art CIC (P), Exelia/Art ITC/HS VZ (P), Exelia/Art FS VZ (P), Extra 11 CIC, Extra 22 ITC/HS, Extra 33 FS (P), Milo Plus CIC, Milo Plus ITC, Milo Plus FS, Milo Plus FS P, Savia/Art 11 CIC, Savia/Art 22 ITC/HS , Savia/Art 33 FS, Una CIC, Una ITC, Una HS, Una FS, Versata/Art CIC, Versata/Art ITC/HS VZ (P), Versata/Art FS VZ (P), Ambra nano, Ambra CIC, Ambra ITC/HS UZ, Ambra FS UZ, Solana nano, Solana CIC, Solana ITC/HS UZ, Solana FS UZ, Cassia CIC, Cassia ITC/HS UZ, Cassia FS UZ, Bolero Q, Virto Q

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