• Walter - Lone Tree, CO

    Walter JohnsonFor almost twenty years I've had the necessity to wear hearing aids. I've had almost every type, in-the-ear and over-the-ear, both digital and non-digital. 

    Although I've had many fine audiologists over this time, the staff at Denver Hearing Specialist has been the very best. Since being fit with the Phonak over-the-ear digital hearing aids, I've been able to enjoy the cinema, live theatre and many restaurants with a hearing clarity that had been missing for more than 15 years. 

    The audiologists at Denver Hearing Specialists will work with you until you have just the right hearing aids for your personal needs. They will make sure that you are totally satisfied with your particular hearing aids. 

    The audiologists at Denver Hearing Specialists are the best at what they do. Their interest in my hearing loss has changed my life!

  • Henry - Littleton, CO

    My first contact with Denver Hearing Specialists occurred after I had been referred to them after experiencing some mild tinnitus. 

    The audiologists conducted a thorough examination and determined that I had some hearing loss in my right ear. 

    After deciding what type of hearing aid was appropriate, my audiologist worked with me to determine the different settings that would be programmed into my aid. I have four programs, by the way, one for every day use, one for when I'm driving, a "mute" setting and my "choir" setting which allows a 360 degree reception of sound so that I can better hear my fellow choir members who surround me. My choir Director and fellow singers got a kick out of it when I told them about that setting. 

    During my entire experience with my audiologist, she was friendly, caring and professional. And that attitude continued during my follow-up visits to have the settings "tweaked", asking the kinds of questions that would ensure that I had the best possible hearing. 

    I can't thank the staff at Denver Hearing Specialists enough. They have enriched my life.

  • Donald - Denver, CO

    There were times over the years that I knew something should be done to help my hearing loss but it was something I didn't pursue.

    Then, after meeting and being evaluated by the audiologists at Denver Hearing Specialists, I decided to accept the proposal for hearing aids and am glad that I did. Although not providing a perfect answer to hearing loss they have certainly provided an improvement and for which I am certainly grateful. The staff has been more than helpful and dedicated to my best interest.

  • Sandy - Aurora, CO

    Sandy WanzeckI can not say enough good things about hearing aids. I have otosclerosis and lost a substantial amount of hearing in my 30's. I thought our phones were not working properly, people were mumbling, and my family was not listening or responding to my questions. 

    A hearing test proved otherwise. The audiologists assured me I would see dramatic improvement with hearing aids, but they were expensive, and I felt I was too young to be wearing hearing aids. Well, they are the best investment I have ever made. I always say if my house were to catch fire and I could only save one item, it would be my hearing aids! I can hear normally when I wear them, even in noisy environments and most people don't even notice I'm wearing them.

    The audiologists at Denver Hearing Specialists have been wonderful. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. It's amazing how they can fine tune my hearing aids to meet my individual hearing needs. If there is a certain situation that seems too loud or soft, the audiologists always say, "Come in, we can adjust that". And they are right. 

    One great thing is the 75 day free trial. It is a big investment and I was apprehensive when I ordered mine, thinking, what if they don't really help? My audiologist assured me I could try them for 75 days and get a full refund if I wasn't happy. So, really what do you have to lose?

  • Tim - Castle Rock, CO

    It had always been my firm observation that hearing aids were clunky, unsightly, gross hardware specifically for old and/or infirmed folks. Further, that once you secured two of these bulky, funny-shaped monstrosities, you were on your own...no support, no ongoing advice...no way to solve a problem or seek assistance.

    Now, not true!!!

    I have found that all of these preceding opinions are absolutely not the case...Thanks to the caring and expertise of the team of audiologists at Denver Hearing Specialists. They introduced me to modern technology. They fine tuned and updated my amazingly, small, computerized hearing aids as I became more adjusted to "hearing again!!" They have continued to support me and my new found capability. Truly, they are the best!!

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